Estelar Consultancy is a Software Company in Bhagalpur. We provide best software solutions which are affordable by businesses, be it small or large. Our software development process is based on the strong foundation of modern design principles. Along with the latest in mobile & web technologies. Thus the tailored solution add value by connecting people with each other, businesses with their customers, and decision makers with valuable information. Thus simplifying business processes, accelerating production, and lowering costs. Read more…


Best mobile app design in bhagalpur

Mobile App

We provide a complete focus on the user-experience, as well as building a world class software product that is fit for purpose and can scale as your business and user-base grows.

e-commerce application software in Bhagalpur

Business Applications

Whether you need a system to improve your customer service, increase your business efficiency, streamline your processes or increase your sales, we can create intelligent, cost-effective business applications to help you.

World class software company in bhagalpur

Application Support & Maintenance

Once applications are delivered, we don’t just walk away – we’re in it for the long-term. We provide full, consistent and dedicated support for the remainder of its life.

Best Web app design in bhagalpur

Web App

All the web applications we build are responsive. This means they look great and work perfectly on any screen of any size; desktop, table or smartphone.

Software Company in Bhagalpur

Product Development

Want to boost your business to higher levels of success? Adding new products or services could be the answer, and we can deliver best software solutions in line with your goals.

Software Consultancy Bhagalpur

Software Consultancy

If you need help identifying the technology barriers that stand between you and a more profitable business, our Estelar Consultancy can help you.

Latest In Technology

IoT applications help companies bridge the physical and digital worlds, turning contextual, information from sensors into insights and action. We help you to securely connect and manage devices, analyze data, and apply cognitive services.

Experienced in working with IoT devices that operate on various spectrums, from Bluetooth to NFC to RFID, we’ve covered them all. We utilize the available SDKs to collect the information gathered by the hardware and present it in an actionable manner.

The information gathered by these devices is usually vast, simply due to the nature of the real world around us. We offer solutions to securely store, manage and query this data to provide reports that provide insight to aid in the decision making process.

The biggest advantage this technology brings is the ability to have a wealth of information available at your fingertips. With custom dashboards, reporting tools and live updates, we work with you to ensure that you always have access to the right pieces of information with the ability to go deeper when you please.

Another advantage of custom development is that you can mould it according to your requirements. Our team works closely with you to identify where IoT devices could enhance your existing processes and improve your workflows


At Estelar Consultancy, we follow best practices in our software development process to generate business intelligent apps that helps you to stay ahead by the optimized decision making and enhanced performance. 

  • Improvised decision making algo.
  • Ease of access to info.
  • Real time reporting, forecasting & analysis.
  • Elimination of risks.

Our expertise in designing software solutions for various domains and sectors like BFS (Banking and Finance), Insurance, Travel domain, Sales & Marketing, HR & Training, Supply Chain Management, Operation & Reporting, Educational Institutes, Government Agencies & Bodies.

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