QA Outsourcing & Staffing

Having an online presence is a must for businesses large and small. Whether it be a basic website or business website, a nice looking, well designed, functional mobile friendly website is key  to a world wide web of customers. 


Outsourcing of the software testing will allow you to focus on your main functions and drive innovation. At the same time we work effectively & efficiently, ensuring better product quality and a positive business outcome. Outsourcing the services to us (team of dedicated, experienced & specialized outsourced quality assurance personnel) allows for best results.

Your contract with us, an independent team of software testing / QA professionals for

performing the testing job, will save the time and money of your organization regardless of the scope of project and frequency of testing needs. Your business money and hassle can be saved by outsourcing the QA needs to us – professional QA team.

We help our clients with

Cost Benefit – We value your money and that’s why we provide some additional QA services, for which you won’t be charged.
Quality of Work – We don’t compromise with ‘quality’. We innovate, float new ideas and adopt best practices to maintain the sanctity of our services.
Business Understanding – It is a critical element in software testing. We allocate those resources to a given task, whose domain expertise align with the business sector of the task.
Scope of Improvement – Industry is moving beyond conventional testing practice and We are no exception. We always try to identify and adopt improvements in our practices that would us as well as our clients.
Availability – We keep our client updated with resource work timings and leave plans so that backup plans and other initiatives are taken for smooth delivery of work.

Engagement Model

How it works – Five steps, mentioned below demostrates how our engagement model works

We have segregated companies in three groups based on testing practice they follow. They are companies where:

1. No Presence of QA

2. Partial Presence of QA

3. No Clear Test Process

We design our tasks accordingly that meet the requirements of these companies and yield long term benefits. Based on the analysis and data collected from each of these groups, our operations team work on it. They suggest and implement best solutions to adopt QA process in your organization.