Software Testing

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Software Testing

Functional Testing

Automation Testing

ERP Testing

Performance Testing

Security Testing

User Acceptance Testing

Usability Testing

Mobile Testing

Accessibility Testing

Testing Process

Planning and Control:

Test Planning:

Identify scope of testing along with associated risks

Define Test Strategy

Define test resources – People, Hardware & Software, Test Environment etc

Define Test Schedule

Define Exit Criteria

Test Control:

Analyze results of testing

Track audit test progress documents

Initiate corrective actions

Analysis and Design:

Review the test basis.- Documentation on which test cases are based, such as requirements, design specifications, product risk analysis, architecture and interfaces

Identify test conditions

Design the tests

Evaluate testability of the requirements and system.

Design the test environment set-up and identify and required infrastructure and tools.

Implementation and Test Execution

Test Implementation:

Develop and prioritize our test cases. Also automate some tests using test harnessand automated tests scripts. (A test harness is a collection of software and test data for testing a program unit by running it under different conditions and monitoring its behavior and outputs.)

Create test suites from the test cases for efficient test execution.

Implement and verify the environment.

Test Execution:

Execute test suites and individual test cases following the test procedures

Log and report Test Execution Status

Evaluating Exit criteria and Reporting

— Maximum test cases are executed with certain pass percentage.

— Bug rate falls below certain level.

— When achieved the deadlines.

Evaluating exit criteria has the following major tasks:

Check the test logs against the exit criteria specified in test planning

Analyze if more test are needed or if the exit criteria specified should be changed

Write a test summary report for stakeholders.

Test Closure activities

Check which planned deliverable against actual delivered and ensure that all critical, Major and Medium severity defects/bugs are fixed/ resolved

Finalize and archive testware such as scripts, test environments, etc. for later reuse

Evaluate how the testing went and learn lessons for future releases and projects


Test Practice

Be flexible, so the team´s members can switch tasks dynamically to adapt to changing requirements

Create a ranking to prioritize the test cases

Maintain traceability between the requirements, test cases and bugs.

Cover the main business flows

Practice Good Test Management and Reporting

Promote Innovations

Process Improvements

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